Step by step on the landscape drawing with watercolour and ink pen

The beauty and gorgeous of mother nature always inspire me to create drawing for practice purpose. I was browsing National Geographic at Instagram to find the kick come in for inspiration and this image appear to me. With the black ink pen and watercolor , i allow myself immerse into this practice session.

Reference photo from national geography

The horizontal landscape with repetitive pattern of the green plants really impress me. With this image as reference, i start to sketch with my own style that come naturally.

ink sketch
Step 1 with ink sketching

The first step is start with the sketch of plants and the mountain.

I add a little bit of extra sketch lines on each plants to make it more structural and able to differentiate from each other. Example, I added more tiny lines at the sides of the plants as their ‘leaves’ or as shadow purpose.

I also reduce the number of strokes when the landscape move farther at the back. Also i create the mountain by thinner and random strokes.

Step 2 with fill in the plant colors

The second step start with watercolour. I apply light green first as foundation color followed by the darker green.

Here have some technique on applying the colors, i get the brush with more water->  make it more wet and slightly touch the brush tip with light green color. This method help my paper absorb some water content and make it easier to blend with next watercolor when the paper still wet. This technique create the blending effect for light and dark green.

Step 3 with partition colors

The third step is to use another color to partition out or differentiate the space between plant to plant.

I choose blue for this time. Blue is not a contrast color to green, the intention behind choosing blue is i want to make entire picture look more calm and harmony.

Step 4 with coloring the sky

The fourth step is for the sky that make the entire landscape more vibrant.

I create the evening colors with light red, peach and violent blue. I apply the brush horizontally like a layers.

Step 5 with final touch up

Once get a more completed picture, now is left the last step for coloring the trees and touch up with darker tone colors. I touch up the colors here and there to make object clearer.

Overall this simple illustration just a way of practicing and also serve as destress and therapy for me.

Lastly, thank you for reading my article and. I hope you enjoy this article.
Have fun of practicing art as well! Share with me if you have any thoughts on practicing landscape drawing or any things regarding arts.

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