Increase Traffic, more people know your work! Book summary from Austin Kleon’s

Want to increase the traffic for our content and allow more people to accept and even make a purchase, we need to step out and share with the public. I learned from Austin Kleon’s show your work book regarding how to shift the mindset as a creator and promote the contents.

Show your work! by Austin Kleon
Show your work! by Austin Kleon

Chapter 1 you don’t have to be genius

To be armature and dare to explore limitless ways of  style and method. Armature is not afraid of the mistakes and are more flexible in showcase the content and process. This helps to increase the engagement and exposure with the targeted audience.

Next, share your work.  Think of what we want to learn and improve on. Make a commitment to showcase our progress and learning in front of others. Don’t forget to observe what other people are doing too, find our niches and perform with preferable styles. 

Your voice matters, talk about the things you love. If we really care and love our creative work, step out of our comfort zone , share and inspire others.

Read about obituaries. We are lucky that we are still alive in this world to do something. Imagine death and leave nothing much in the world makes me feel scared. Cherish everyday and do some creative work. This is another kind of life motivation for all of us.

Chapter 2 think process but not product

Take people behind the scene. Humans like to see other humans doing. From sharing the progress of work, people get to know what we are doing, conversation and interaction starts from here.

By loving what we do, connect the people to our work, make some topics. From the interaction, we get to know whether our creative work is going the right way  to our potential customer. Start to document down what you do, start a work journal, write down your goal and many!

Chapter 3 Share something small everyday

Send out a daily patch. Our audience usually likes to peek at what we do everyday. Document down our progress, spare a little time of your day to share on the small part of our progress, our methods, our inspiration source, part of progress etc. See how people react and we can make adjustments. 

However, don’t overthink and don’t stress ourselves on sharing, our focus still mainly on creating content.

Show your work! by Austin Kleon
Show your work! by Austin Kleon

Chapter 4 Open up your cabinet of curiosity

Our tastes make us what we are but also cast our shadow over the work too. We might doubt what we are sharing, if we are not sure, just pause and save it. Rethink again after a few hours, to see whether the progress is worth sharing, worth entertaining our audience, and able to inspire them. No guilty pleasures-when we find things genuinely enjoy, don’t let anyone make us feel bad

By sharing a little bit everyday, our content will stock up and it will become our best presentation to show people what we are actually doing recently. From here able to bring the audience close to us. However, remember to give the attribution. If needed, set up a domain name & website. Organize and update our content into the website. This little self-inventing site will attract bigger traffic to us. 

Chapter 5 tell good stories 

Work doesn’t speak for itself. Creating a good story to share is lifelong learning. Each action such as a reply from email, a reshare, retweet,comments presenting part of us as creator. All the action from us form a storyline for us. Always keep our audience in mind, use their language, listen to their voice, and use the common language to communicate and illustrate the story we want to tell. Don’t use our bio as a creative playground, keep it real and simple. Be ourselves and tell the real stories.

Chapter 6 teach what you know

Share your trade secret. Learn and teach form a magic cycle. By sharing the learning that we get from elsewhere to the audience, the return is unexpected. Either is we get to learn something else from our audience back, or help to enhance the relationship with the audience, all which benefits us in the long run by making more people know our works.

Chapter 7 Don’t turn into human spam

Shut up and listen to people. Avoid becoming annoying human spam by forcing everyone to look at our content instead of creating good work and sharing.  Shut up and listen to the voice from outside, adjusting how we can make quality sharing to fit their frequency.

We want hearts not eyeball. What we want is not the number of followers, likes and shares, we want real genuine audience and real engagement. Treat our audience truthfully, learn from them, get inspiration from them too, walking the journey together.

Show your work! by Austin Kleon
Show your work! by Austin Kleon

Chapter 8 Learn to take a punch 

When we show our work to the work, we must be ready for the bad comment.

Fulfilling everyone’s requirements is illogical. When we share things online, be prepared for the haters & bad comments. Learn how to take a breath and walk away, back to our desk and continue the work. Turn off the comments and focus on the right thing.

Chapter 9 Sell Out

Our work has its own value. Don’t be afraid to quote the reasonable price if needed. Email lists are great ideas, but do not betray subscriber’s trust. Think big, be ambitious, try more new things and imagine the possibilities that would come true. Make ourselves available for the bigger leap and learning. 

Chapter 10  Don’t quit your show. 

We don’t plan what would happen, focus the work right in front of you. Once finished, reflect and continue and don’t quit. Success doesn’t happen without right effort, but we can always polish our skill set and get ready for it when the opportunities come.

Chain smoke. Just do the work that is right in front of you, once finished, reflect a bit and move on to the next one. Balancing your work and body, go away awhile so you can focus on the work again.Take a break if needed, enjoy nature and re-calibrate ourselves again before going back to our work again

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