Eat the freshest sashimi bowl in Sendai with Sendai Pass


Sashimi is the signature dish in Japan. For the freshest and ecomonic value of the sashimi bowl, visit the fish market in the Sendai is one of the great way! If you want to customized your own sashimi bowl and see how the local fishmongers sell their fish, visit Shiogama fish market. If you want enjoy the seaview and enjoy at least half of the day with nature, visit Matsushima, you would never regret it!

shiogama market
Shiogama market

For Shiogama video, please watch here.

You just need to walk for about 15 to 20 mins from the station. You can choose to customized your sashimi bowl or buy the dishes from the local stall. Otherwise, it also have the grill services!

Shiogama fish market

For another great place to eat sashimi, Matsushima has the delicious sashimi sets for your options. Do remember to take a walk in the seaside , the seaview really clam your soul and rejuvenate your mind!

For Matsushima video, please watch here.

Matsushima sashimi bowl

Hope this two guide able to help you in your stay in Sendai and have fun!

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