Purple flower drawing with watercolor

Here is the purple, blue flower drawing with watercolor. The highlight of the drawing process today is using the mixture of blue and purple for the flower petals. The final touch up is using brush tip to draw out the fine lines on the petals. The outline of each flower petals also draw with the brush tip.

Purple flower drawing

The flower reference from garden by the bay Singapore. I am so glad that i am living here in Singapore and have the chance to visit the garden when i feel like to do so.

Reference of flower drawing

I observe the flower petals, some petals are light purple, some are kind of mix with blue colors. So i decided to colour the petals with this two colors tones.

First, i start with the inner circle. I drew a light green circles.

Step 1 of the flower drawing

Second, i start to build another outer layer on this green circle to prepare my step 3.

Step 2 of the flower drawing

Third,i start to connect the line between step 1 and step 2.

In the same time, i draw the petals with the brush as well. I apply some forces or press down the brush a little bit at the corner side. So the flower petals has some curves strokes with thinner and thickers lines.

Step 3 of the flower drawing

Fourth, i start to color my petals! I start with mixing the purple with water to dilute the colors.

Apply it as foundation, next add more purple or blue when it still wet. The tricky part is the dilute the color before apply next color. This technique is called wet to wet, meaning apply the colors when the paper still wet, or the previous color haven’t dry.

Step 4 of the flower drawing

Fifth, continue apply the colors on the rest of petal.

The rest of petals i am using light purple with more water content at foundation. The next color applied is less dilute compared to previous one to prevent the paper get very wet.

Step 5 of the flower drawing

Lastly, use brush tips to draw the flower lines.

This time make sure the brush is not so wet, so the strokes applied is thicker and more dense. I choose either blue or purple for the details or some shadow effect.

Step 6 of the flower drawing

And lastly, thank you for reading this article, let me know if you have any comments to share with me. And happy practicing on art!

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