National Coffee Day

Coffee lover’s favourite day.
In honor of national coffee day that very happening at USA, I will like to share my inspiration with coffee here.

We had this opportunity to visit the JWC cafe at Johor Bharu, Malaysia over the last weekend. This cafe is always one of our top list in this city besides sweet blossom cafe.

The staff or barista always check on our needs and make sure we are well served.
They are always so kind to share with us the availability coffee bean in the cafe. They also give detail explanation on their flavour and taste. For us, we like the coffee taste that more on bitter side.

We order one capaccino and their signature cold brew. We love both, the taste is rich and satisfied our tastebud. We also like their roasted coffee bean that suit us. We bought some home too for our home-based brewing.

Cold brew

The cafe was located nearby the shopping mall called Sutera Mall and famous chinese restaurant PEKIN.

If you have chance to drop by here, visit this cafe, they serve great food too!

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