Murakami | JR East Pass Nagano Niigata at Japan travel

We get to know this amazing station thru the staff at Niigata station. At the first day when we reached Niigata, we are kind of lost and want to checkout the train schedule. And the staff are so friendly to tell us where we can visit in Niigata area by train services. So this trip is an impromptu trip with surprise. The staff told us Murakami have onsen, and that is the purpose of this day trip.

Our summary of this amazing town:

Murakami at Japan

When we arrived, this area is quite quiet with a few groups of Japanese tourists. We manage to find our way to visitor center to get some brochures and map.

We use GPS to wander around the town. We grab some nice and juicy burger at local store. And walk to the riverside (salmon park) , pass thru a big park. The weather is sunny and just nice for us. Of course, don’t forget the salmom museum and shop here.

Murakami – Salmon Park at Japan

After that, we decided to walk a few kilometer to the onsen zone by walking. We passed by the highway, overhead bridge. And we are quite lucky to spot one foreign girl with bronze hair, we manage to check our way with her in English.

Murakami town at Japan

The most touching part in this journey is we walk to one of the onsen shop in the end. The staff are so friendly. Although there is a language barrier, but she tried very hard to explain how to use the onsen with a proper method to mix the hot steam with water.

This is our first time and without any other visitors in the onsen, we struggling to enjoy but the onsen is way too hot for us to dip ourselves inside it.

When we finished the onsen, the staff very helpful and we communicate thru Google translate. She even search some keyword such as thank you in English to thanks us. Although there is not 100% correct upon translation, but we are still manage to get her to help us to book the cab back to station. I always remember her friendliness and the warmth that she gave to us.

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