Mt Fuji | JR Tokyo Wide 3 Days Pass

We decided to purchase JR Tokyo Wide 3 Days pass to explore Mt.Fuji.

To go to Mt.Fuji from Tokyo, first we need to depart from Shinjuku station and arrive at Otsuki station. At Otsuki station, take Fujikyuko Line to Kawaguchiko station. It take about 2-3 hours time in total.

Train to Mt.Fuji
Railway view when going to Mt.Fuji

Our hotel provide the open space foot onsen at top level. And is so amazing that we able to see Mt.Fuji from here!

Mt. Fuji Drawing
Mt.Fuji view from top level of our hotel
Zoom view of Mt.Fuji

Our hotel is near to the Kawaguchiko station. We are so lucky that able to have a good weather to enjoy the great scene here.

Kawaguchiko lake at daytime
Kawaguchiko lake at early morning view

The hotel provides the excellent services and food to us as guest. We really truly enjoy!

Japanese Dinner
Full set of Japanese Dinner

We make use of the JR Wide Tokyo pass to travel between Tokyo and Mt. Fuji and back to airport.

Not forget we also purchase one bus pass to visit the park that located somewhere at Mt.Fuji. So sorry that we already forget the exact name of the park. But what make us feel appreciated is the sky turn clear from sudden heavy rain.

Park near Mt.Fuji

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