Love yourself by do your personal activities before work.

Hey! Do you always feel that no enough time for your to do list. Always feel so tired and have no energy for your plan after work? You want to improve yourself or create another career by making use of your “after-work” time, but it seems very difficult to achieve. You are looking for different time management methods to resolve this and achieve a better quality life.

I feel you! I have this condition for a long time and feel so unmotivated about it. After I read “The 5am club” by Robin Sharma, my life changes to more productive and able to complete most of my to do list.

In this book, the author share the important technique called 20/20/20 formula. This technique need to carry out in the early morning that means we cater 60 mins of time to go through the three main activities which is move, reflect and grow.

the 5am club
The 5am club

By waking up one hour early of our usual schedule, we cater our first 20 minutes for exercise. Do any intense exercise, sweat more, get yourself hydrate and breath deeply is some of the method under this section. During this section, we are not just make your body more awake and also balancing the hormones in our body. Our mind becomes clearer and metabolism increase. You get energy and health at the same time during this 20minutes for the rest of the remaining day.

the 5am club

For the second 20 minutes, we make ourselves calm down and provide peaceful for mind and soul.

We can choose to meditate,pray, journaling, plan and contemplate and more. We talk to our heart and mind, to listen to our inner voice and gain back the inner power. Reflection and planning make our journey of life keep going and become better. These activities help us to gain greater positivity, higher creativity and more!

the 5am club
20 minutes for mentality

The last 20 minutes is to learn and grow. From reviewing your goals, till reading books, listening to podcasts or study online, these are a few tips for us to deepen our knowledge. Depends on our preference, we can choose either the knowledge that benefits our career or life. The personal growth is important to us and hopefully all these can help us get better income and impact in life. 

the 5am club
20 mins for growing

For me, I have tried this method since a few weeks ago after I learn this method from <The 5am Club>. I start with gentle approach to allow my body to adapt to the changes. I give myself some time to wake up early abit from my usual schedule and test it for days. I’m still not able to wake up at 5am at this moment when I am writing this article, but my timing is about 5.15am. Someday, I also cater rest day to wake up at normal timing during weekend. My goal is to wake up during workday as i need the focus and productivity on the day. The schedule on workday is quite fix and this make this plan go quite well.

Here I would like to share what I do during my 20/20/20 rule.

For the first 20 minutes which is move, I do yoga.

The second minutes which is reflect , i do reflection, planning, praying and also meditation. However,i do feel the activities sometimes is too much for me. But I will decide whether I want to continue or not based on the situation.

For the last 20 minutes is grow, I am learning simple spanish language. I also cater time for reading or do handwriting sketchnote on the books i read. 

During my 20/20/20 rule, i will use timer to count down the 20 minutes. This help me focus during this timing and prevent myself distracted by keep looking on the clock. 

To wake up early for this, I need to sleep early. I will tell myself that I am doing well today this morning and I want to do it the same as the next day. This affirmation on mindset helps to reinforce my habits and keep me going.

Lastly, I wish this technique that I learned from the book can give you better insights on how to do the time management for your day. This method is able to help us feel better in our body, mind and soul, is worth to try it.

Do let me know if you have anything want to share with me, so I can keep going to produce quality content for you. 

For chinese version of this articles, read here.

And thanks to the author of this book , Robin Sharma for his great book!

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