10 Big Tips to keep creating content | Book Summary from Austin Kleon

To keep the fire of creating content, creative ideas, inspiration on our content journey. Austin Kleon shares the important keynotes for us in his book <Keep going 10 ways to stay creative in good times and bad>. The book resonates with me so much as I can find myself in the book. The process of making creative content is not easy as thoughts.

I am glad that I am able to share with you some of the key learning to keep ourselves creative during sunny and rainy days. Also, help us to be productive everyday and obtain inspiration from mother nature. 

keep going by austin kleon
Keep Going

Chapter 1 : take one day at a time

The creative journey is not linear as we expected, many things and obstacles will pop out during the journey. The only thing unchanged is the changes, we need to remind ourselves the only thing we can control is how we spend on our today, yesterday is over and tomorrow maybe not coming. Stuff our days with creative activities and make some great content. Observe our daily, when is the slot we have free space, free time or have higher energy spike, better mood, that maybe our great timing for our creative journey. 

Chapter 2 Bliss Station

Isolate ourselves from the constant digital notification, to give ourselves a block of time that without the digital noise. We can choose to wake up without news, set our phone to airplane mode occasionally, learn how to say no to the things that we don’t like. Preserve some time for ourselves and create something. Another possible arrangement is to create our own bliss station, for example a cozy corner in our room where we can do our arts/ content. When we set ourselves in this bliss station, we just fully focus on what we want to create. 

Chapter 3 Forget the Noun, do the verb

Creativity is just a tool, just a noun. Do something, take it as playing,stay light. Sometimes, the only way out is to dirty our hand and use our tool (creativity) to make creative content. When we are doing it, the spikes will keep burning and help us make great content. 

Chapter 4 Make Gifts

Create something with our talent and give to our loved ones, this method helps us to focus less on the quantitative and more focus on the quality work. When we do something for our loved one, we would focus on bringing out the greatest work for them. This helps us to level up our creativity. 

Chapter 5 the ordinary + extra attention= the extraordinary 

We no need be very special or extraordinary to make extraordinary content. What we can do is focus on who we want to be, what you want to bring out to our audience, paying attention to the stuff that matters to us. Change our focus and make something that speaks to our heart. 

Keep Going
Keep Going by Austin Kleon

Chapter 6  Slay the art monsters

Believe in our arts, our content makes life better. The world no longer needs great artists, what we need is a decent human that is able to create content that makes the world better, that help the world resolve some issues, that help people feel better and inspired. Lets become that kind of warm-hearted creator.

Chapter 7 You are allowed to change your mind

We have the right to make the changes in our lives. During the journey to make content, it is kind of discovery of ourselves, to find out what we can do more. Meet some great people that share like-hearted with us, share ideas, lets the inspiration flow, sometimes visit our past, to reflect a bit, see how we can do more from here. To constantly make ourselves grow and learn from others and this helps in our creativity.  

Chapter 8 When it doubt, tidy up

Keep our tool in tidy, make our material messy by using our tool to create them. When things are not in place, that maybe is the place we can find our inspiration. Another way round, when our mind is in a mess, we can start to do some packing, tidy up our space. During this process, we may be able to find some interesting ideas. Taking a nap is also a great way to sort out our mind. 

Chapter 9 Demons hate fresh air

Take a walk outside or do some exercise. When we are moving our ass away from the current space, make some activities outside, the inspiration and creative ideas will just come along.

Chapter 10 Plant your garden

Immerse ourselves in nature, observe the mother earth, sense our environment, recalibrate ourselves again. Believe me, mother nature is our best soulmate for our creativity. 


I hope that some of the key learning here is able to inspire you to make better content and keep going on your creativity journey.  Share with me if you have any thoughts and ideas!

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