Travel to Kamikochi, one of the beautiful places with mountains, rivers, lakeside in Japan.

Memories in Kamikochi, Japan

We arrived Matsumoto in one of the evening with JR east pass, this area is much more traffic and people compared to our stay at Niigata. We quickly find our way to the office to purchase our bus ticket for the next 4 days to Takayama, Shirakawago, Kamikochi and Matsumoto.

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For general transport , you look into this guide.

Mirror effect at Kamikochi, Japan

With Japan alps wide free passport, we spent our 4 days as following itinerary:
1. full day at Kamikochi,
2. One day at Shin-Hotaka ropeway
3. One night stay at Takayama
4. Travel from Takayama to Shirakawago and back to Matsumoto at the same day. Also, we spend our last night here by visit Matsumoto castle.

First day:
We travel from Matsumoto Station to Shin-Shimashima Station (30 min)
Step 2:Transfer at Shin-Shimashima Station to a bus bound for Kamikōchi (About 60 min)

Second day:
We travel by direct bus from Matsumoto bus interchange.

For Kamikochi trip, we knew that it might have limited food option there. So we bought our Mcdonald burger one night before and heat it up before leaving our hotel.

The next day, we manage to catch our train and bus to Kamikochi. We first align at Tashiro Pond and walked to Kappa Bridge. The route is not difficult for trekking. We really enjoy the different scenery from ponds, rivers, mountains, trees and so on! Not much people at the end of spring season.

Kamikochi, Japan at Spring time

When we took out our burger in the end of the trip, it is half freeze! You can imagine the weather in Kamikochi is chilling and cold. And some times, you can see some snow patch on top of the plants, rocks etc.

Snow patch and flowers at Kamikochi, Japan

We spend one full daytime at Kamikochi from travelling and back to our hotel at Matsumoto.

We definitely recommend you guys to visit this wonderful place when you dropped by Matsumoto.

River and lakeside at Kamikochi

The above schedule is valid when year 2018. For latest information , kindly look for their official website. The keywords to search are “Kamikochi”, “Japan Alps Kamikochi”, “Travel to Kamikochi” and so on.

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