Niigata city |JR East Nagano Niigata Area Pass‎

We touched down Narita Airport in early morning. After quick wash in the washroom, we find our way to JR East office. Is quite a long queue in the morning, but still bearable. We manage to redeem our JR east pass and book our tickets to Niigata.

After a few hour rides in the train, we arrived this pretty city. Is very chilling at the evening time. We really enjoy to winds and serenity.

We planned the next day tour by walking around the city.

We have a great memories in the Niigata, City that located at the west coast of Japan’s Honshu Island. This city is serenity and peaceful. Not much crowds at the end of April, year 2018. Is chilling weather throughout the day.

The info graphic map below shows a few interesting places that we visit by walking.

Our hotel is near to the Niigata Station. We walked to our first location which is Pia Bandai (number 2 in the drawing map).

We are enjoying the fish markets and grocery store in the Pia Bandai. My husband manage to get his delicious palm-size oyster.

Pia Bandai Niigata

Later walk over to Ryuto Bridge (number 3 in the map) and visit Toki Messe (number 4 in the map) to enjoy the overview of the city from high level.

Toki Messe in Niigata, Japan
View of Niigata from Bandaijima, Niigata

We really like the peaceful view at this city.

These shots all taken in the morning when we had our walk to the Pia Bandai.

Side notes: We found the best ramen shop that near Aeon shopping mall. We finished the soup and ramen as this is so nice!

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