International coffee day

Let’s celebrate the International coffee day today, 1st Oct 2019.

We would like to share with all of you regarding our portable espresso machines, where you are able to travel and have your cup of Jo! Anywhere, anytime~

First up, introducing our favourite coffee beans from JWC Roastery – The Inferno. It has this unique, bold yet defining sweetness that’s capable of titillating your taste bud. Within the texture notes, whisky, raspberry, roasted malt and milk chocolate presence can be felt in your palate.

favourite coffee bean

Follow next, comes the fully automated coffee bean burr grinder from LUME! Simply open the top with a turn, load those lovely beans, cap back on and hold to power on. You would get your grinded beans in a short while. This full system is powered wirelessly and can be charge with an USB-A cable. A fully charged LUME can grinds approximately 20x before it runs out. With the patented ceramic burr system, you will get even and fine grinds each time. Besides that, LUME comes with a camp light for outdoor usage where lightings are low. Batteries level are indicated with 4 blue LED bars. Conveniently packed and travel!

Lume coffee grinder

For the brew, we are showcasing two portable espresso makers that we uses frequently.
First on show is the portable handheld coffee machine from WACACO. It comes with a few parts, whereby you load your grinds into the small container, fill with hot water, and pumps away~ You could also detached the bottom of the water container and it’s your personal espresso cup. Atlas, they have the extended version for double espresso if you prefer. This device is lightweight and has unique designs, requiring only minimal effort to enjoy a 19psi espresso coffee. Equivalent to an espresso machine found in the market but portable.

WACACO expressor maker

Secondary portable coffee machine, we would like to share G-PRESSO. Introduce via Kickstarter and can be found now via Indiegogo. G-PRESSO make snow cold brew in just 4 minutes! No longer do you have to wait 12hrs – 24hrs for immersion coffee. Requiring only x3 AA sizes batteries and can run up to 100x (Depending on batteries & brands). Utilising gyro-motion with magnetic technologies, its able to produce hot/cold espresso under 4 minutes and that’s a time saver in its own rights, especially for cold brews lover. But having tested 3 forms of water temperature namely hot, cold, room temperature, we’d recommend using hot/cold water for the maximise result! The texture and aroma even from a 4 minutes brew, produces vibrant and rich coffee.


Having said that, its a personal preference choosing which machine to use. Both portable coffee machines are great in its own rights. Wacaco provides for an intense strong hot espresso whereas G-Presso gave stunning cold brew results in a short amount of time.

Above all is our current selections of portable coffee grinder/machines on our daily coffee-addiction. We hope it inspire you to brew your own coffee even at home with ease.

Infographic on coffee day

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