How to kickstart a good morning day for a great life with scientific proof | Book

Do you have a goal to achieve and want to be productive everyday for a kickstart? Do you want to find out the methods to have a good physical and mental status for your goals and tasks?

To give yourself a chance to earn a good morning mind and great life, we can learn so much from the book <The Morning Mind> by Kirti Salwe Carter and Robert Carter, III.

I learn various techniques that come with scientific reference to start the day effectively. From understand the biological of our body, till the physical and mental aspect, we get to know our body in closer look and able to learn the technique to make ourselves has a great morning and great day.

Greet each day with positivity
Greet each day with positivity

The book has three important categories as below:

The first part is “The Human Body Clock” – covers the biological and physical part of the body, to have a close understanding of the circadian rhythm of our body.

The second part is “The mind and the body in the morning” – cover the mental aspects of the morning and , learn and utilise the spiritual tools for our mind.

The last part is “The Opportunities for the rest of the day”– to know the techniques we can cover both our body and mind aspects.

the morning mind

The first part is “The Human Body Clock” i learn a few tips to get a closer understanding and take care of my own biological and physical.

  1. Get hydrated when we just wake up. Our body needs fluids after one night’s rest, our brain can perform well when we have enough water intake in our body.
  1. Get a suitable essential oil for waking up and sleeping. The essential oil able to stimulate our brain, calm our mind and body, by choosing the suitable essential oils such as lavender, peppermint can help to have a better transition for waking up and sleep.
  1. Take care of our posture while sitting, standing and even sleeping. A good mattress and pillow will guarantee a more refreshing day ahead.
  1. Know our major organ cleansing time. For example our large intestine is working hard from 5am to 7am and our stomach is 7am to 9am and more. By understanding these biological clock, we can adjust our daily schedule to make our body more happier.
  1. Balancing our cortisol hormones. Cortisol is one of our stress hormones, it helps us to keep alert in fight and flight situation. however , the excess level of cortisol would affect our body condition and daily life. Keep a healthy life such as more vegetables, more exercise, more rest will help to control the hormones.
  1. Drink coffee after the peak time of cortisol level. Our cortisol level is highest in 7am to 9am, we can drink the coffee after this timing , it is more effective to keep ourselves alert and awake.
  1. Reduce the artificial light before sleep. The melatonin is the hormones that regulate our biological clock, by exposing too much bluelight/ artificial light from the digital devices will mess up our body clocks. 
good morning mind

The second part is “The mind and the body in the morning” – cover the mental aspects of the morning. We can learn and utilise the spiritual tools for our mind to have a productive day. Here I have four points to share on what we can do for our morning ritual.

  1. Creativity with writing, our brain has more synaptic connections in the morning. Try to write something such as dairy, stories, write a goal and more.
  1. Eat frog, complete the most important task in the morning, we would have ease of mind in the rest of the day and able to channel your energy well to other tasks.
  1. Create empowering habits. Our willpower is strongest in the morning. Create and continue a habit can make us be a better person in the long run.
  1. Create self discipline. We can start the self discipline since the early morning to keep ourselves on track for the stuff we want to achieve.
the morning mind for give yourself a good start day

The last part is “The mind and the body in the morning” – cover some tips of how to give ourself a great start in early morning.

  1. Start our day with light exercise is a great way to feel energized and motivated ourselves. Plan ahead for the morning exercise to avoid the morning rush.
  1. Take care of our gut health by aware of the good and bad bacteria in our stomach. To improve the gut health, we can eat foods that support the good bacteria, fermented foods, cut out sugar, reduce coffee consumption and avoid antibiotics. 
  1. Breath based meditation. Breath in through your nose, into your abdomen, so our whole diaphragm is filled with oxygen. Hold and release the breath. The entire process can calm us down ,good for our morning routine or bedtime ritual.
  1. Get a good night sleep is essential important for a refreshed day. A few methods can help us to get a better sleep by having consistent waking and sleeping times, don’t sleep in too much on weekends, expend our energy,create bedtime ritual, mediation and more.
  1. Learning & growth. Decide how we want to think, feel , act and assemble these ideas and initiative able to stronger our brain functions and enhance our critical skills. 
  1. Understand our DOSHA (Kapha/ Pitta/ Vata). By understanding the ancient wisdom  – Ayurvedic Concepts, we get to know our energy patterns which is DOSHA. Understand our methods to live, activities to maximize our dominant energy.

So here is part of learning that I read from the <The Morning Mind> book, i hope you can get some inspiration and able to transform your life to productive, positive and fulfilling.

Let me know if you have any ideas want to share with me by commenting below 🙂

Thanks for the authors for wonderful book!

For Chinese article can read here! Hope you have a wonderful day everyday.

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