Flower drawing tutorial with watercolor

I started this series of flowers drawing tutorial with watercolor to practice and fine tune my hand drawing skills with brush.

Flowers set

I like to observe how my own force applied affecting the drawing strokes. Example when i pressing harder, the thicker wave is created and for smaller force, it lighter and thinner the overall effect. I really like how the strokes give a brand new life to the object and level up the entire structure of the artpiece.

For first tutorial, i have this flower drawing:

Flower drawing video

For the second flower drawing, we start from drawing the stem and followed by the petals.
I adding tiny details like apply more colors at outer petal, thinner strokes on the inner side. This create to contrast in lines and make the entire structure more unique.

For my personal experience, the challenges for flower drawing is to differentiate each petals. The inner and outer petals have their own characteristic and design. For me, i always use the same brush for drawing, hence, the thickness of each strokes, the amount of color to take in, the ratio of water and colors, the wetness of the brush, all are the small key-players for a good drawing. However, i believe practice make perfect! And i hope you have some fun on practicing too!

Flower drawing video

For the third flower i choose is half bloosom kind. I like this type of flower stage as it represent something is happening soon! I can imagine how the full bloosom look like, the fragants, its color combination, the shape of petals and many more! Just imagine all the possibilities, it can make me happy!
Happy practicing for everyone!

It is like the younger stage in life, when we grow to our path, when we still under nurtured by our education, before we step into the chaotic world, the dream in our heart, the every potential that we have chance to fullfill.

Flower drawing

For the fourth flower is more like a lotus in her way to full bloosom. We can see the filament in the flower, the petals are half opening, like a shy girl trying to show her beauty, trying to build her confident to the world, trying to embrace the nature and welcome the new world.

Flower drawing video

The fifth flower is more wild and aggressive in her look. With the much more thicker outline for the petals, it bring out the symbol of energy and momentum.

Like human, sometimes for a causes, we gather our spirit toward the goal, we challenge ourselves by build up our strength to concur and many more.

Flower video drawing

The last flower drawing is the very initial stage of flower which is flower bud. While the flower still built up her strength, while she still so small yet full of potential. It is simpler as compared to others flower stage. But it is a stage that filled with hopes and possibilities. We never know what would turn out.

Flower drawing video

I hope this little video able to give you some insights on watercolor drawing and have fun during practicing!

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