Find your motivation in one sentence with golden circle by Simon Sinek

Are you always feel demoralized when end of the work day,feeling lost,  find the purpose of doing something, doubt the meaning of life and craving for affirmation for social support? You are so tired in everyday life for trying to complete the tasks supposed to finish! I feel you and want to share with you the Golden Circle method to boost your motivation back  by Simon Sinek.

I would like to share this book “FIND YOUR WAY -A practical guide for discovering purpose for you and your team by SIMON SINEK”. In this book, Simon Sinek with David Mead and Peter Docker introduce the methodology of discovering and find your own golden circle for yourself and /or your team. No matter you are alone as a lonely warrior or lead / with a team with you, this book can help to find or create your own personalised motivation and drive in the stuff you are contributing. 

Find your why
Find your why for your motivation

In this article, I will share with the method of finding your way as an individual, no matter if you are a CEO, you are a normal person to find better motivation in work, daily life or others. The keypoint as below:

  1. The relationship between our human brain with golden circle
  2. The method of finding your why-inspiration search
  3. Make your story more specific
  4. Narrow down your theme for your “WHY’
  5. Draft your why with one sentences.
  6. Continue your golden circle by fill in your “HOW”
  7. Finish up your golden circle by “WHAT”
  8. Live your why

At the end of the article, you will be able to find the link for downloading the worksheet to practice.

Keypoint 1: The relationship between our human brain with golden circle

In the golden circle, the most inner circle is why, followed by the how , and outest circle is what.

In our daily life, we are doing a lot of things example create the report, finding the data for analysis, prepare for a presentation, deal with clients and more. All this stuff we do is called “What”. 

This is all the things we do ,sometimes make us feel busy , lost and demotivation. 

In this golden circle, the why and how is the key to lead us to build back our confident, track back our motivation and more. 

In the human brain, the neocortex is a link to our “what” in the golden circle. Neocortex take care of our analysis and rational thinking, it also responsible of our language.

For the “why” and “how” refers to the limbic brain system. Limbic brain system take care of our behaviour and decision making. It also takes care of our feelings and emotions, but it doesn’t responsible for our language. That’s why we always find it difficult to express our gut feeling, difficult to describe our feelings and more. 

So the benefits of this golden circle can help us to better describe and illustrate our purpose,drive to lead a better motivation life.

Keypoint 2: The method of finding your why-inspiration search

Here i want to share with you the method i learn from this “find your way” book. If you want to find our what inspires you the most, you need to find the answer from yourself. If you open for rediscover yourself, or not sure where to kick start. You can use the “peak and valley method”. 

Here is the step:

  1. Draw a horizontal line on a paper
  2. The upper portion in horizontal line represents the happy things in your life

Think what is the happy things in your life, for example your graduation, your wedding date, your first salary and more. Each happy thing need to dot down a circle on this upper portion of your horizontal line. Place the point in higher position if the happy thing bring the most emotions, the most positive energy to you.

  1. For the lower portion in horizontal line, this is a space for you to dot down your unhappy things. List them down and give them a dot on the paper. Same as the happy thing portion. The most unhappy thing such as the lost of your loved one ,make it on the lowest point.
  2. Choose the highest and lowest point, it might give you insight to search and find your why.

The second method is called memory prompt. This is more direct and straightforward method to help you find your why.

For example give yourself a series of questions:

  1. What is the most meaningful volunteer experience in your life.
  2. What is the most inspiring quote when you are sad
  3. What is the happiest thing in one day.

With these two methods, you more or less to have your story to share. Now let’s move on to the next step.

Keypoint 3: Make your story more specific

We need to make our story from general to more specific. Example for me the most happiest thing in one day is passed by the kindergarden when on the way home from work. 

To make it specific, i need to illustrate more feeling and emotions with specific things  and people.

Now here is my specific statement:

I feel happy when I pass by kindergarten as  I like the atmosphere there. I like to hear the laughter from the kids, their playing sounds, their childish communication. This remind me on we as a human are origin pure and full of energy. It makes me reflect on myself, i deserve a happy and simple life like kids, look at things in simpler way, treat people kindly and enjoy the moment. All this makes me feel relieved from my day work. I feel motivated and feel that life is full of possibilities again.

Tips: we can use 5W1H method to make our statement more specific. The 5W1H is where , what, how, when, who and How.

Keypoint 4: Find the suitable theme for your “WHY’

Now with the specific story we are ready to find our theme. From the story above, we can list down the possible theme as below:

  1. Joyful
  2. Simple life
  3. Be optimistic 
  4. And others…

We need to narrow down the theme and choose the most suitable and fit our own nature. For example, joyful is the most suitable theme for me that I want to carry out and pass on to surrounding.

Now with the theme in mind, we are ready to move on to the next keypoint which is draft the one sentences!

Keypoint 5: Draft your why with one sentences.

We only need to choose one why statement for our own mission with the formula below.

To ____(contribution)__________ so that __________(impact)___


To share the joyful mindset so that able to inspire the workers in town feel hope.

Brainstorm and choose the most suitable  “contribution” and “impact” for your formula. Find the one that go along your nature, aspiration and target. 

Keypoint 6: Continue your golden circle by fill in your “HOW”

With the why statement “To share the joyful mindset so that able to inspire the workers in town feel hope.” , we are ready to find out how to bring out our “why” in nature.

For example:

  1. Share the joy
  2. Listening 
  3. And more

Keypoint 7: Finish up your golden circle by “WHAT”

Once we finish above “how”, we can think of what we actually can do to make it happen, you would realize that the “what” is basically what you do everyday.


  1. Make inspiration quotes in the video
  2. Find the inspiration for funniest joke for people to red
  3. Analysis the data to find the most suitable theme and topic for make people feel joyful

If you are in a team, you definitely would think of how to make profit and money. Your what can be something like this:

  1. Create APP for inspiration quotes for joyful
  2. Design and make carton that will make people feel happy
  3. And more

Keypoint 8: Live your why

Above is all the steps for us to find out our golden circle and make it as our mission and remind us of our motivation. However, in our busy daily life, we are so occupied by many commitments, we might forget our motivation again. And here, I created this worksheet for us to practice and remind our motivation back.

For Chinese Article,please read here.

Find your motivation with golden circle
Find Your Why motivation

Summary and appreciation: 

Thank you Simon Sinek with David Mead and Peter Docker for the great work that inspires us with the approach. In this book, they also share about the importance role of facilitator to help us on the find your why journey, also the technique for individual and as a team. The book is very suitable for individual till team! Overall i really feel very inspired and motivated by this book.

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