Easy watercolor method for fall painting

To start and finish the painting easily and focus on applying colors. Here is the quick and easy method of watercolor on fall painting that able to complete in shorter time.

First, set your mind as free and easy on this painting session. Tell yourself this is no right or wrong to get exact details and colors perfectly. Since it is fall painting, you would able to use warm and cold colors to create the painting. Let’s think in scientific way, in one tree, different leaves grow and progress differently, some leaves turn yellow early than others. This beautiful magic makes the fall painting is so fun with different colors tones from green to red-brown till yellowish.

Here is the five easy steps for fall painting (autumn painting) in free and easy style.

First, get your foundation colors. I choose light green and yellow.

Foundation on painting

Mix the color pigment with some water, to get a lighter colors effect.

I make two different zone, one at right side is yellow. The left side still remain greener.

Second, add trunks and branches. 

Add tree trunk and branches

The right zone appears more front in the landscape. So I added thicker strokes for it. The rest is present farther in the picture with thinner strokes.

Thirdly, add more colors tone.

Add details on painting

To create vibrant effect. I added orange, brown, darker brown at the right side. I use my brush to touch and lift up the brush on the paper to make the leaves more obvious.

For the greener side, add different tones of green. The structure for painting is up at this stage.

Fourth, add details with thinner brush or with your original brush tip.

Add details in the painting

I use darker color to draw the branches and some grasses. This is really up to us where to add more lines in our picture.

Lastly, touch up with shadow effect and more details.

Fall painting is done

Use the brush tip with darker colors like black, dark blue, dark green or dark brown for some shadow and details. It help to make the picture more lively and bit of 3D effect. And the final painting is done!

I hope this little tips from me able to inspire you in free and easy watercolor method.