Achieve Your Goal with David Goggins’ framework

Want to achieve your goal by removing the obstacles of no money, no network, no time and many many excuses. All these barriers can become your turning point by accepting them and following a framework by David Goggins toward your goal. Today i want to share with you the book is Can’t Hurt Me: Master Your Mind and Defy the Odds.

David Goggins is the one that completes elite training  as a Navy SEAL, Army Ranger, and Air Force Tactical Air Controller. He illustrates how his childhood, environment, culture biased affecting his life. He adds his real story and how he overcomes these by following the framework he created. He challenges his own physical, mentality and surroundings and achieves success such as the world’s most difficult Marathon and Badwater-135.

In this book, David Goggins shares with us his methods to us on how to step out our comfort zone and achieve the goals.

First challenge to ourselves is to list down the obstacles for our dream goal.

List down what hurt us the most, what are our obstacles that we think affect our achievement. It could be no money, biasing from our culture, misunderstanding and more. List all them down honestly. 

The second challenge is to list down our dreams and goals.

List down our dream list, our goal list. And put it at the place that we would pass by or see everyday, for example our mirror to remind ourselves. We are the only one to responsible for our dreams and goals and nobody can help us to do it. No matter how little effort we put in for our dream and goal, all these are our stepping stones to success.

The third challenge is to make the impossible possible.

Repetition is the key. Learn to step out of our comfort zone and tell ourselves we can make it. The everyday learning and practice make us stronger and make our dream closer to us.

The 4th challenge is to prove ourselves.

Identify the person that we want to prove to. It could be our teacher, our opponent and others. By working and staying hard in our effort , we can make them surprised by our achievement. 

The 5th challenges is to visualized our success

By visualising what we want to look like for our success, it makes us have a closer look on what we want for our future. And the keypoint here is to imagine what problem and difficulties we might encounter and how we can overcome and resolve them.

The 6th challenge is make our own cookie jar.

Record down the progress for our growth and keep it the cookie jar. When we feel down and unmotivated, we can take them out and motivate us. 

The 7th challenge is we are the strongest weapon.

Keep reminding ourselves that our potential is unlimited. David Goggins shares with us that we only utilised 40% of our potential. If only we keep overcoming our limit, we can become stronger. 

The 8th challenge is utilized by our daily schedule.

These challenges can split by three stages. During the first stage, observe how our daily life goes, how we spend each day by calculating the time spent. 

The second stage is improving our utilisation by our observation in the first week. By reducing the wasting time and making our schedule more fulfilling by doing the things that are useful for our goal.

The third stage is improving by our second stage. By observing and improving, we can slowly make our schedule more fulfilling and help to achieve our goal.

The last two challenges are to remind ourselves that there is no ending point for our success.

Our success is not just staying at the target that we made for the previous time. Once we surpass the success point, we must always level up the success to a higher point. This is to prevent ourselves from staying in the comfort zone and help us keep motivated for our goal and work hard toward it.

The last which is 10th challenges would be reflected from our failures and moving on.

Write down our success or the things we make it right. Now examine our failure and face it. Find out the next move and carry on toward our goals.

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