Start your atomic habits | book by James Clear

A habit is formed through enough repetition over the time and makes the brain recognize it. However, habit also sort of a form of trial and error process which is try, fail, learn and try differently until the useful action is formed. The science behind each habit formation has four stages which are cue, craving [...]

Increase Traffic, more people know your work! Book summary from Austin Kleon’s

Want to increase the traffic for our content and allow more people to accept and even make a purchase, we need to step out and share with the public. I learned from Austin Kleon’s show your work book regarding how to shift the mindset as a creator and promote the contents. Show your work! by [...]

10 Big Tips to keep creating content | Book Summary from Austin Kleon

To keep the fire of creating content, creative ideas, inspiration on our content journey. Austin Kleon shares the important keynotes for us in his book <Keep going 10 ways to stay creative in good times and bad>. The book resonates with me so much as I can find myself in the book. The process of [...]

Achieve the goal with easy step! Learning from the book by Stephen Guise

Do you still remember the resolutions that you had set early this year? The goals and target that you plan to achieve? I would like to share the book that I found is useful to achieve our target by taking small steps every day and eventually build up our progress and success in the end. [...]

Ten methods to become more creative for your work & content – the takeaway from Austin Kleon’s steal like an artist

Do you think creativity is a talent? Do you wonder how to practice and become a creative person? The takeaway i learn from this book is how to cultivate and boost my own creativity, to create the work and content that speak loud in the midst of noise, bring out and present the unique side [...]

How to kickstart a good morning day for a great life with scientific proof | Book

Do you have a goal to achieve and want to be productive everyday for a kickstart? Do you want to find out the methods to have a good physical and mental status for your goals and tasks? To give yourself a chance to earn a good morning mind and great life, we can learn so [...]