Ten methods to become more creative for your work & content – the takeaway from Austin Kleon’s steal like an artist

Do you think creativity is a talent? Do you wonder how to practice and become a creative person? The takeaway i learn from this book is how to cultivate and boost my own creativity, to create the work and content that speak loud in the midst of noise, bring out and present the unique side of me to the world, inspired others. 

Here is the ten techniques i learn:

1.Steal like an artist.

We always can get inspiration from our surroundings, people, nature and more. From the writer, artist, musician that we admire, observe how they do their content, create your own with the inspiration that gives to you, fusion in your own style and taste. Your creativity is born. 

2. Don’t wait until you know who you are to get started

When we practice and create each content, we can always have the room of improvement to make it even better. We get to explore our styles, upgrading our skills along the way. Let’s do it now, you no need to wait until you are perfect to get started. 

3.Write the book you want to read

Create the content that represents your interest, belief. Although we do need to know what the market needs and fine tune our content, but to make us happy during our creation, we need to make something that we’ll be happy with, something that makes us proud of. This is the sustain way to keep our spirit and creativity along the way.

4.Use your hands

Technology helps us to edit, redo, and finish work quickly and effectively. 

However, it somehow restricts creativity and innovation as our focus is restricted by the screen. Author Austin Kleon shared that he has two different tables, one is digital, another is analog table. He will switch to an analog table when he works on the computer after a while. Either you do random scribing or important planning on your project, experience the feeling of working with your hand, the creativity juice just flow and keep your inspiration glow. 

5.Side projects and hobbies are important

Rock climbing? Painting? Gardening? Programming? Do you have any interest and hobbies you like to do? Please do all these interests and hobbies, it is part of who we are and shape our identity. Although it might not bring us any significant profits, but the takeaway that doing what we like, the value is insignificant. Let’s cater some times for our hobbies today! 

6. The secret: do good work and share it with people

Enjoy the period that you have not many followers, fans(which means less commitment) as this is the period you can play with different styles and methods . Just explore and share your masterpiece with people. This gives you flexibility and boosts your creativity for your content.

7.Geography is no longer our master

However, we are living in an era where distance is something we can resolve through technology.

If we cannot travel, we can take a walk outside our usual place, enjoy nature and surroundings. Let the earth inspire our soul.

8. Be nice. (the world is a small town)

The planet has wonderful culture, background, geography and more at different places. For humans too. It is absolutely right if someone has a different opinion with us. Instead of arguing, just ignoring and spending our energy to create the content is more worth our time and value.

9. Be boring. (it’s the only way to get work done)

Our mind is always distracted by the noise, the news and many more in the digital world. So many things require our attention span. We are so overwhelmed by the information, updates, to do list. What we can do is pause, and give ourselves a block of time to slack, to relax, to wandering. When our mind is “empty” from screen notification and attention, it helps to make ourselves feel “boring”, curiosity, creativity, innovation may come to us naturally!

10. Creativity is subtraction

Make rules, restrict the time frame, and the environment setup. Our mind is able to focus and play around these “restricted rules”. This gives us the ground rule to play, creating something above this ground rule is also another way of building our creativity. 

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