Exploring nature with adventure spirit by trekking in Sendai with Sendai Pass

To utilise one day in nature by exploring the mother nature, enjoy the view of river, waterfall and more. Trekking in Omoshiroyamakogen with adventure spirit and get rejuvenate in Sendai! Or you can climb the 1015 steps to Yamadera temple to enjoy the fantastic mountain view. Alternative, you can visit Naruko Kogen for user friendly walk.

Omoshiroyama kogen

Go to Omoshiroyama-Kōgen Station, about 1 hour train ride from Sendai, one stop away from Yamadera station.You can choose to trek/walk between two station, but be aware of the incoming cars for both side.

Is highly recommended for backpacker that like to explore nature thru trekking. We not recommend to bring children along unless they are fit enough to conquer some difficult routes along the way.
For more information, please read their official website.

For our video, please watch here.

Travel tips: We suggest to bring along raincoat, gloves, hiking stick, and waterproof cover shoes. The trekking can be very adventures during raining day and some routes are not so user friendly.

Riverside in Omoshiroyamakogen
Waterfall in Omoshiroyamakogen
One of the pathway in Omoshiroyamakogen
Inspiration drawing in Omoshiroyama kogen

For Yamadera, just arrive the station and follow the signboard, you would arrive the Yamadera temple entrance. Not to worry about the 1000 steps, you can always take a rest whenever you need.
Our video is here!

Travel tip: this is one of the popular spot for tourists, come here early so you can acois the crowd when climbing.
For official information, please read here.

Entrance to Yamadera temple
yamadera food
Food in Yamadera
Mountain view in Yamadera

For Naruko Kogen, also another popular tourist spot for autumn view.

Naruko kogen drawing
Naruko kogen drawing
Naruko kogen
Naruko kogen

For our video in Naruko Kogen, please watch here. https://youtu.be/h0XKHYDgimk

Hope you enjoy this article and helpful for your trip in Sendai.

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