10 tactics to improve yourself from by Robin Sharma

Do you want to change your current self, to live in a more fulfilling and better life? Are you always looking for methods but failed to be consistent throughout the days due to the many distractions and roadblocks around you?

In this article, I listed down the ten tactics that I learn from the book “The 5am Club” by Robin Sharma, you can choose some of the tactics to improve yourself that fit into your daily life schedule and commitment.

In the book of <The 5am Club> by Robin Sharma, i learn that to become a master in one particular thing, we need to apply a mentality of granularity instead of the mindset of superficiality. Install and reinforce the better awareness for learning and growing, we are able to  make a better choice when implement it, and the better outcome and impact is our results. This requires self discipline to keep practicing our to make it to granularity level. 

5am club
The method of success

Here i will like to share the ten tactics I found in this book that can help us to keep growing and become a better us. We can choose a few most suitable tactics to start with and apply.

The first tactic is the tight bubble of total focus. Preserve our focus by giving ourselves a specific time to do the things we want to achieve. During this timeframe, lock ourselves in the world of practicing, remove ourselves from the distraction, superficial messages and more  from the cyber world.

The second tactic is 90/90/1 rule, doing our one target activity in 90 days, everyday 90 minutes. During this timeframe, our focus must be on the targeted activity and need to restrict ourselves from the distraction as well.

The third tactic is the 60/10 method. After 60 minutes of continuously to focus on our things, we can take a break of 10 minutes to recharge our energy by moving our body from current position. Example, take a 10 minutes walk in the outdoors.

The fourth method is The daily 5 Concept. Choose and plan the five most important target to complete everyday. Put our focus on these five target that has the most impactful in our life and goal.

The fifth tactic is The 2nd Wind Workout (2WW). After one long day of work, slot in the time for second workout will recharge our energy and gain some inspiration at night for ourselves. We deserve a great evening after work!

The sixth tactic is The 2 Massage Protocol (2MP). Massage has the benefits to balance our hormance, fight stress, relax ourselves. Slot in this activity will help our body to get the relaxation that we need , so that we can have more energy to continue the next activities.

The seventh tactic is Traffic University. Using the time we in the travelling time to / from work, running errands , grocery shopping to learn some knowledge by listening to podcasts, audiobook and others. To help us to learn some knowledge is one of the great ways to improve ourselves too.

The eighth tactic is The Dream Team Technique. Find a team to support us, so that we can focus on the things we great at. Example, for a football player, he has a team of fitness trainer, coach, nutrition to support his life to become a hero in the field. While his job is focus on the practicing football.

The ninth tactic is The Weekly Design System (WDS).  Plan ahead our weekly schedule before the week start can help us more focus in our daily routine, more clear on our goals and able to perform better.

The last tactic is The 60 Minute Student. Cater 60 minutes of our daily time, to learn something that we want to know and master. Overtime, our knowledge is deepen and this will benefits us.

5am club
The 10 tactics to become lifelong genius

And now, let’s find out which tactics are more suitable for your schedule. Make it a practice and restrict yourself from the distraction of the cyber world. This definitely help us to improve yourself to become a genius in the long run. 

Thanks for the Author Robin Sharma for the great book, the link is here.  You can find more details from his book.

And thanks for reading! Let me know if you have any thoughts want to share with me:)

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